Edible Cookie Dough

Not having a cookie cutter event?  Then be sure to include our edible cookie dough.  We have several packages available.  don't see what you want?  we'd love to hear your idea and see how we can make it work! contact us today!


Option 1

One flavor of edible cookie dough

Three toppings

One attendant* for two hours

$4.50 per guest

Option 2

Three flavors of edible cookie dough

6 toppings

One attendant* for three hours

$7.50 per guest

Option 3

4 oz. jars (customized with photo or monogram, perfect for favors)

4 oz.  $4 each

Option 4

DIY.  Contact us for details.


*Two attendants required on parties of 100 guests or more.  Additional fee required.